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What is a CSA?

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is an alternative social and economic arrangement to conventional industrial food production. Through CSAs, the community makes a bold statement in support of local, sustainable agriculture, and the farmer receives a sense of security that he will have continued demand for his product throughout the growing season. The farm and the CSA member form a partnership at the beginning of the season in support of one another.  CSA members receive a "Share" of the harvest each week and accept the risks and the bounty that comes along with farming. 

Back in the 1980's and even earlier the first ever CSAs required all members to pay for the entire season in advance; the farm would then use the money to invest in the coming season (seed, fertilizer, equipment, staff,  etc.). Many CSAs also required members to work on the farm as part of their commitment for the season. The Holland Ranch Farm Share CSA although still a traditional single farm CSA will differ in three important ways: we offer a 10% discount off of the season price for those who choose to pay in full when they join offer a payment program for those members who don't, and a potential weekly drop in, a purchase of one box (this option will be available depending how bountiful the farm's harvest becomes as the season progresses). Additionally volunteer opportunities will be available but never required for those who would like to have a deeper connection with our farm. Members not wanting to volunteer will have the opportunity to tour the farm to get a close up look at how things are done without getting their hands dirty. 

How It Works

Holland Ranch will have a cap of 30 members this year. Though this can change. There are 4 CSA options below:

CSA - Whole Season Payment:

Those who decided to pay for the whole season in advance will receive a 10% discount off the total season price. Instead of paying a total of a $750.00 for the Season ( $30.00 a box per week) you will pay a total of $675.00 ($27.00 per box per week) a $75.00 total savings! (Box Fees Included)

CSA - Whole Season Installment Plan:

We also offer an installment plan for the season. The total season cost of $750.00 is broken into 4 easy monthly payments of $187.50. (Box Fees Included)

CSA Weekly Drop In:

This option is ONLY AVAILABLE BASED ON FARMS OUTPUT. Which means if Holland Ranch is producing a lot more produce than anticipated, we will allow a weekly box purchase while supplies last at $30.00 a box. To stay up to date on this option, we recommend following us on social media.(Box Fees Included)

CSA Bi-Weekly Pick Up:

This option is for smaller families. You pick up a box every other week, giving you more time to utilize the box.  Members who choose this option will pick up a box every other week for 12 weeks. Cost will be $375.00 (Box Fees are included)

Bi-Weekly Pick Ups Dates will be emailed to you for your convenience. 

Pick Up Date and Location:

CSA Pick Ups Full Season: will begin on Wednesday April 22nd and will continue for 25 weeks. There will be NO  pick up on Wednesday July 1st, this is the half way mark of the season a break is needed. An additional week is added to the back end of the season, making the last Pick Up of the season Wednesday October 14th. 

CSA Pick Ups Bi-Weekly: will begin on Mondays April 20th or 27th. Then every other week according to the week given. Your 12 Week pick up schedule will be emailed to you for your convenience. 

The CSA Pick Up Location has changed from previous years. 

In recent years CSA pickup was normally picked up at house property of the farm.

The new location will be on the piece of land that we lease. But have no fear! It's just up the road! 

To become a member click here. Or hover of the CSA tab and click on "Become a CSA Member" sub tab.

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